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Nobody is naturally good at rhetoric. A skilled speaker must progressively learn to integrate the two elements. The first is the art, a sort of internal technique (what we convey and to whom), and the other is the external technique, which is the skill itself (how we communicate). A speaker can sound natural, composed, and persuasive when they can employ both strategies effortlessly. Simply put, we must meticulously prepare for the presentation, know what we want to say, identify our target audience, understand their interests, and prepare both verbally and non-verbally. Additionally, as the sportsmen say, we must put our hearts into our speeches and be in the correct frame of mind.

Both methods can be learnt or continually improved. By mastering them, you can gain the respect of your audience and establish yourself as a credible speaker whose opinions are worth considering.

If you don't know these five principles, you can start with them and improve upon them.

Tato sekce je nyní zamčená.

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